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Fantom Help


Can you install Fantom into carpet?

How is the door released once it is engaged?

How big is the hole you need to drill in the floor?

How strong is the magnet? Will it keep my door open?

What colour choices in are there?

What is the recommended gap between the floor and the bottom of the door?

How many packers can I use?

Can I get a longer pin?

I have large doors and they are quite heavy?

Will Fantom work even if the exsisting door has a door closer?

How do I remove pin from sleeve?

What maintenance is required?

I have a cat and I want to keep my door held ajar. Can I use a Fantom?

I have aluminium door frames. Will Fantom work?

I have pivot doors and want to use Fantom in the middle instead of drop bolts. Can this be done?

I have double doors, can I use Fantom in the door head above the door?

Is the Fantom covered under warranty?

Can you use Fantom Doorstop if you have under floor heating installed?

What are the limitations in terms of the door size/weight and the opening speed the Fantom doorstop can take?

Can Fantom be installed and used outdoors?

Will strong winds affect the way Fantom performs?

Can the sleeve colours be purchased separately?

Can Fantom work on sliding and barn doors aswell?

When there is waterproof membrane under the tile bedding, which product is recommended for wet areas like a bathroom? How is the integrity of the waterproof membrane maintained with the installation of the pin sleeve into the floor?

Can Fantom be installed at the top of a door?

Can the Fantom Doorstop be installed on the 2nd story of a home where there is not concrete slab to drill into?

What is the double sided tape for?


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